MOOC Vision Inputs

Contributed by Rajesh Pankaj, FICCI


By 2030, India’s Massive Open and Online courses ( MOOCs) started by several elite universities should collectively enroll 60% of world’s entire student population (FICCI-E&Y Vision Document on Higher Education 2030)

Mission & Goals

  1. The existing regulatory and policy framework to be extended to accommodate MOOCs as a part of mainstream higher education in India which in due course shall need to branch out into a robust policy framework for MOOCs alone.
  2. Achieving a standardized course curriculum for specific MOOCs courses across institutions which may be further customized depending on the needs, requirements and competency level of the learner.
  3. In the short run, to set up alliances between institutions and industry for at least 5 MOOCs.
  4. Industry in collaboration with institutions / universities to create a system where MOOCs becomes an acceptable toll gate for students aspiring for rewarding jobs in industry.
  5. Engage telecom operators and Mobile app development companies to develop robust and workable apps which shall significantly enhance access and penetration of MOCCs.
  6. Evolve a strong and sustainable business model for MOOCs

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