MOOCs and the Future of Indian Higher Education report (beta preview)

After months of working and deliberations on the report, an almost final version is here. Major changes include a breakdown of the Higher Ed sector into three parts – formal, non-formal and informal – and addition of several use cases or applications of MOOCs in these three sectors. Read the MOOCs and the Future of Indian Higher Education report beta preview here and send us your comments!


4 thoughts on “MOOCs and the Future of Indian Higher Education report (beta preview)

  1. Hi Viplav,

    Thanks for the preview.

    I can see that this report clearly identifies the vast range of content required in all three education areas – formal, non-formal & lifelong. What I found missing is the technology aspect – bandwidth, access points.

    Also if we also can identify how a certification / badging at course completion can give a student barrier free access to formal degrees anywhere in the world and not just limited to the country.

    • Thanks, Swati!
      Would you want us to lay down specific recommendation on bandwidth and access points (or even on platforms)?
      Badging is usually informal way of recognizing certain accomplishments. They can potentially roll up (and should roll up) into certifications or become a component thereof. We have already talked of credit transfers as a way of recognizing certifications for credit. Was there any other thing that you wanted included – like specifically our government or education providers working for cross-border credit transfer mechanisms?

      • Challenges such as less % of course completion due to self monitored leaning could be touched upon in report. Also in India apart from IITs there are certain MOOC providers in non-formal area like Apnacourse which provides MOOCs on professional certifications. Again not sure of what criteria is used. But I could find it on

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