School Education: MOOCs

FICCI’s school education committee has set up a taskforce to build up a report for MOOCs in School Education. This blog will act as a landing place for this group as well. I am really happy to have with me Dr. Anjlee Prakash, Dr. Pradeep Varma, Aditya Berlia, Ashutosh Chaddha, Swati Sammadar and Sujit Bhattacharjee.




One thought on “School Education: MOOCs

  1. Dear all- Greetings and wishes for a good outcome for the subject report.

    I was a member of the Higher Education-MOOC Report. As part of our review of the Higher Education MOOC, I shared our draft report with Dr. S. Suryanarayan (ex dean- IIT Bombay). He had the following comment, which Viplav and I thought was appropriate to be shared with this group.

    What is missing in the FICCI Higher Education – MOOC Report:

    What I find missing in the FICCI Report is the reference to Primary and Secondary school education in Govt run schools in our country. Primary and Secondary schools are expected to eventually feed well trained school kids keen on higher education. There are very many private schools (many mainly for making money – not many committed to education) with various levels of competence and various types of problems. But what is getting eroded is the availability of govt run schools for the less privileged. Once upon a time, an Ambedkar could get school education that did not stunt his innate intellectual brilliance and prevent him from learning further but launched him on to the national scene, but now the govt run schools suffer severe shortage of teachers and bright kids from the less privilege class are denied access to critical starting steps to school education. And our constitution talks of compulsory school education! The Right to Education act has only passed the buck on to private educators. It does not condone the fact for over 60 years the Central Govt has failed to apply its mind to find out what needs to be done to make primary education available to all those who seek education.

    The above may not be a part of the terms of reference of the present committee but at least, there should be a statement showing recognition of the above and its likely adverse impact if not addressed urgently, on higher education in our country which is proposed to be facilitated by MOOCS.

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