Launched – School group’s first meet

We have identified 4 areas of focus – Content, Technology, Pedagogy and Policy/Regulatory issues/framework. Groups have been spawned off for each of the areas.

  1. Content team will look at areas like standards, demand-supply gaps, learning outcomes, interoperability, licensing, availability, creation, capability, multilingual, content safe filters etc.
  1. Technology team will look at infrastructure, connectivity, platform, mobility components
  1. Pedagogy team will look at effective teaching learning models, teacher education, techniques, peer learning, successful stories models
  1. Policy/Regulatory team will look at regulatory framework issues, rural education, government initiatives for expanding connectivity to school, perhaps school VET

We shall evolve a vision statement and a key recommendations section as we get a better handle.

Folks reading this post are requested to send in their thoughts and resources/links to help us out! Thanks!


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