MOOCs Vs. Conventional Online learning

My take is that online learning in its conventional form has not worked till date? If calculated accurately the completion rates for online learning will be equally pathetic (completion in organisation mandated certifcation focused elearning program is achieved by mass scale rigging… ).

MOOC seems relevant as it provides a complete elearning ecosystem – best faculty, teacher interaction, peer interaction, self practice conventional elearning) & learning analytics which can ultimately result in personalized learning paths.

We have given conventional elearning 20 plus years, it is only fair that
MOOCs should also get some focus for coming years.. MOOC will also need to
evolve continuously to be an effective tool.


MOOCs- Vision & Goals for India


  • By 2020, MOOC shall significantly impact (directly or indirectly) the higher education space , shall penetrate 100% of higher- ed institutions and will touch close to 30 -40% of the higher- ed learners.
  • By 2030, MOOC shall penetrate all learners across schools, higher-ed, vocational, corporate and at home to become the prime learning/education-delivery vehicle.


  • Based on detailed educational data mining and learning analytics build deeper understanding about Indian learners (incl. learning behaviour, learner types etc.) and teaching style (effective pedagogy, engaging delivery)
  • Solve average learners’ learning motivation problem – move learning from current supply based model to completely demand oriented model
  • Translate in depth learner – learning understanding to make education delivery truly personalized
  • Give India a truly quality focused – scalable educational model with active partnership of all stakeholders – learners, parents, teachers, administrators – institutions (private as well as govt.), Industry associations and Govt. (state and central)